Fendelar is a world that has been created on the foundation of past games, stories, and lore. I’ve poured time into the map, and the history and pantheon of the world reflects some of the D&D adventures I have ran previously. It’s the ultimate versatile sandbox for me to rule over.

…That said, it’s much easier to DM when the world is constant, and it’s fun to see how the world can grow based on the group’s interactions with the world, as well as seeing how different groups react to the same towns and landmarks over the ages in their respective games.

I’m doing my best to form the wiki to best reflect the world as a whole. So far the timeline is constant as well, but if I shift to an earlier age in Fendelar’s lifetime, I’ll try to split the wiki pages respectively and manage everything in a way that makes sense.

Sometimes that’s kinda hard though, so whatever. Knowledge dump and stuff!

Wednesday Night D&D:
Stonemarch Expeditions

The great dwarven lands to the east have an unfriendly neighbor. The undead hordes and abominations loom in the Deadlands, posing an unshakable threat to all lands to the east. The Khar Darom, otherwise known as The Stonemarch, stands against this terror. Maybe one day, the land will be restored to it’s former glory. But that’s been the hope for centuries…

Meet the Party!

Iago, the polearm-wielding human warlock
Faranheim, the curious gnomish cleric of fire
Atan, the aasimar alchemist and battle sorcerer
Kriv, the dragonborn paladin of vengeance
and Raisa, the gnomish deviner

Stonemarch Archive

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