Stonemarch Archive

Adventure Outline

The Escapades of Some Pretty Powerful Idiots

  • The platoon are sent on their first expedition as a unit, tasked with discovering the fate of Elliot Richmond, Tenaesh, Gunther Voordikar, and the precious cargo they were carrying.
    • The platoon investigates an ancient altar and inadvertently release the warlock Peldrith.
    • Deciding that the Azarn Ruins are a likely place for their targets to have camped, the platoon investigates, finding Tenaesh in the outskirts of the city.
    • Investigating the church that Tenaesh claims Elliot and Gunther are trapped in, the party finds it heavily guarded by undead and mages.
    • After resting, the party return to the church and clear significant potions out, but find no trace of either Elliot or Gunther. Raisa appears during their investigation.
    • That night, the party encounter Elliot, who claims Gunther is dead. Having accomplished their mission, the party decides to return to the march and report.
  • Elliot Richmond betrays the Stonemarch, replacing the recovered stone with a firebomb and fleeing Farben’s Pass.
  • The platoon is sent to Narndah to investigate why scouts sent there have not returned.
    • Helgatha transforms Atan into a Troglodyte on behalf of Cthulhu
    • the platoon investigates the abandoned and sunken temple to Ki’tara in the lake.
    • The platoon meets Lord Ferrus, who agrees to assist them in escaping the temple in exchange for their silence on his location.
    • Iago and Kriv attempt to kill Helgatha, who escapes.
    • The Platoon meets Kogan at his home near Narndah, and through him learn about the mysterious figure Bhanor.



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