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Adventures in Fendelar- Session III

Road Trip to Alendius

Note: Session was planned to be skipped. Then plans changed. In hype confusion, we played without Dylan present for the session.

Heading out of the woods, the party finds themselves camping out in a clearing near the roadside. They debate on the best arrangement for camping, and what to do with Wendel, but he seems compliant enough to simply remain tied to a tree.

The party watches throughout the night, and during Mishanna’s portion of the watch, she sees a glowing figure on horseback heading down the road at a fast pace. Another light followed him. She wakes the rest of the party, and they try to slow the man making haste.

The party notices him carrying something wrapped in a cloth under his arm, and his path was lit by a lantern on the end of a pike.

He whizzes past, and what appeared to be one light was actually three lamps of guardsmen, and an additional lamp from a well dressed aristocrat- all of whom were also on horseback, taking chase after the first man. The party tries to halt the guards, who just speed past. However, the aristocrat, identifying himself as Dean Domingo stops and converses with the party.

He explains that the man they were chasing is known as “Jean Valgean,” meaning that this man is a criminal that has stolen from the rich before, but has never been caught or properly identified. He tells the party he deals in artifacts, and this man had stolen a valuable mask from his collection.

After a little more chatter, Dean heads back to Willowden, and the party decides to pack up camp and continue to the town, as it was approaching dawn anyhow.

When they approach the edge of town, a couple of town guards ask the party about Wendel, being that he is an obvious prisoner of theirs. Knowing that they can’t simply tug him along everywhere, especially in town, they turn him in to the local guard, much at his displeasure.

The party runs a few errands in town, dropping off their goblin ears, selling some loot they had earned, and pick up some potions from a kind old lady running an apothecary. She tells the party that if they see someone named Charlemange from Lordlake, they should send her the woman’s greetings. Leona remembers that Charlemange practices magic, and the party considers her for possibly knowing about Ramsey’s curse.

When they deliver Collin his things, he is overjoyed, and pays the party what he can in gold. The party then suggests traveling with him to Alendius, and ask if he can potentially introduce them to someone that may know about the curse. He promises that he will try.

They set out that day, and as they make camp, Mishanna has yet another interesting watch, as she spots a Unicorn wandering in the woods. She however notices another creature stalking the Unicorn. She wakes the party up, and then when she comes back over the hill, she screams at the unicorn to run away. It does, and a Griffon flies out of the trees, does a circle or two, and then flies at the party in open hostility.

The party dismantles the threat of the Griffon with ease, but as they inspect the corpse, a strange gnomish man through out of the woods, exclaiming “No! No! No!” as he hurtles toward the party. He explains that the Griffon belonged to his master, and that they were trying to conduct research and required capture of the Unicorn.

In an attempt to patch up the mess they’re in, Varus and Leona venture off following the unicorn tracks, which lead to a halt as the tracks stop and end without a trace. While they do this, the Gnomish man identifies himself as Fix, and asks Mishanna who everyone else in their company is. Thinking nothing of it, she lists off the party (including Collin,) and he takes out a scroll, murmurs, and the writing disappears.

Mishanna assumes he sent word to his Master, and her assumptions are confirmed when he suggests strongly that they meet with him at a tower up the road. As the party re-forms, they agree to head out to the tower the following day. Fix disappears into the woods.

They travel all day the next day, the road following the shore of a lake somewhat closely. Then, as they find it suitably dark to make camp, they notice a peninsula heading into the lake, with a fairly ruined and abandoned looking tower at the end of it.

As the fill Collin into the details of what happened the night prior (Since he slept through it all,) he is overcome with shock. But, as the party describes who they are going to see, Collin confirms they are going to meet someone named Theomon, and he knows this man to be the former grandmaster of the Mage Circle in Alendius- this man being who Collin would have tried referring to when they reached the Mage Circle.

Unsure of what sort of giant mess they’ve gotten themselves into, they approach the tower in the twilight.

To be continued in Session IV



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