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Adventures in Fendelar- Session V

The Dead can Fight

After a long boat ride taking up the rest of the adventurers’ day, they meet with a large cave entrance in a large shoreline cliff, water running into it. There were two pillars built up to support the entrance, and the entrance was mighty in size. Figuring this was the correct place, they row into the entrance as the sun sets.

Varus, weary of the dangers ahead of them, meditates and focuses on the area surrounding the party, gaining a vision into what sort of dangerous creatures lurk within a mile from them. He gets an overwhelming sense that there are undead present.

It quickly gets dark as they proceed further into the cave, and Mishanna lights a torch. They see many more pillars supporting the entrance, and at a point they see a stone platform, that must be for docking. Before they quite reach it, they see a figure raise it’s arm up, like “stop.”

As the party slows the boat, they drift forward and see the figure is (as Varus predicted) an armored skeleton with a crossbow on his back. He motions to the party to stop, as he did prior, and after that, he lowers his arm and points back towards where the party came from.

Leona gets an uneasy feeling as she believes this serves as a warning of sorts, and gets the idea that it could be protecting something – or, it could be warning the party of the danger further ahead. She recognizes the vestments on the skeleton, and it was definitely a holy man or reputable guard for the temple in life. Ramsey figures that they can reason with the skeleton, as it probably still understands common in death.

After a little bit of unorganized shouting at the skeleton, Mishanna decides that diplomacy wasn’t going to get them everywhere, and creates a water whip that flings the skeleton’s bones across the water.

The party tries to park the boat and collect it, and quickly realize that this was going to be a difficult fight, as they are simply hailed on with crossbow bolts. Fortunately, they make it to the shore, and manage to put up a good fight against the skeletons, despite them having a defensible positioning on the entrance.

They find that there is a large set of double doors at the backside of the docking bay, and that it is once again another set of doors that can be barricaded from the outside – although, it’s different from the goblins’ silly rig. This one had thought put behind it, as the bar was hinged to the outer wall.

They venture inside the temple, finding themselves in a parlor area with a door on the backside, and shrines to the left and right of them as they enter the room. One shrine has the nine ancient gods’ symbols on them, while the other (partially destroyed and covered in crumbling wall and rubble) has symbols for the newly awakened gods.

After drawing on the furniture, using dust as their medium, the party proceeds forward to find a hallway that wraps around to the left, and goes straight before landing on a wall to the right. They see a series of double doors lining both sides of the hallway, and decide to go right.

They find a small storage area, and notice it must be a supply corner of sorts, with brooms, buckets and the like. As Varus inspects it, he notices a section of the stone brick wall that has a curved block in it. He pushes it in, and a slab of wall in front of him drops an inch, appearing as a hinged door that can be pushed open from where he stands.

Ramsey investigates the first door directly in front of the supply area, and quickly wishes he hadn’t as he sees zombie movement inside. They spot him, and the mob of them quickly tear down the door before they can do anything. The zombies prove to be extremely resilient to their damage, and the party struggles to take them down. As they eliminate them, entering into a large mess hall of sorts, they see a back entrance to the room, and a skeleton sneaks out the back.

Moments after they eliminate the threats in the room, a new wave of zombies and skeletons rush up to the backside of the room. A menacing looking undead man wearing glossy black spiked armor approaches the party, and tells them they should have left when they could. Armed with a wicked black khopesh and scimitar, he and his minions engage the party. He gets quickly cut down by a very battle-worn Leona, and the rest of the exhausted party manage to cut down the rest of the undead around them. Varus uses the folding boat as a weapon at one point.

After this, the party drags all the undead into the mess hall. They get a good look at the hearth fireplaces (both having burning coals in them, surprisingly) and nine tapestries illustrating the ancient gods – although a few of them are burned, and some faces burned out intentionally. Including Vaia, Ramsey’s god.

The party takes the seemingly magical Khopesh, and decide that Ramsey should take it. Varus also keeps the glossy black studded leather, but decides not to wear it. They all head back out to the docking area, and barricade the door, resting up as best as they can.

They all share the same foreboding thought: they haven’t even begun their exploration of this place.

To be continued in Session VI



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