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Adventures in Fendelar - Session VI

Ogres and Things

After a good rest and obscure dreams, The adventurers awoke and prepared for the exploration of the temple filled with undead. They approached the first room and a very curious Wood Elf and Genasi decided to start talking to a sword, that surprisingly spoke in return. The sword, and her ball and chain counterpart, struck up a very odd exchange of words consisting of get out and leave us alone.

The ball and chain as well as the sword happened to be hosting a pair of souls from two women that were apparently imprisoned in the temple where they would stay, literally, until the end of their days. Due to the curiosity of the deranged elf, Varus and Elemental tempest cleric Ramsey, the party ended up in an altercation with the ghosts of the women which had their souls put to rest at last.

After collecting a few new items, the party continued on its way in search of the staff. They traveled down a corridor leading to what seemed to be nothing more than a bathhouse, where they stumbled upon a very surprised skeleton who was soaking its bones. He was then interrupted by a volley of arrows and a giant dragonborn fist of death from Mishanna; the foreboding dragonborn monk was evident in its demise. In an adjoining room there was another bathing tub. However this one seemed to be host to a serpent like elemental that was quite fond of Ramsey.

Deciding to leave the creature to its leisure the adventurers plunged forward into an unknown abyss of death. Leona, the blade dancing half elf, and Ramsey noticed a fountain of potential potable water and thought a drink would be nice after their previous encounter. The two of them moved hastily toward the fountain only to be ambushed by a slime trap. Leona nimbly dodged the slime at the same time Ramsey was completely enveloped. Leona, Mishanna, and Varus attacked the slime with intense ferocity as Ramsey was being digested to death. Finally slaying the creature, Ramsey’s seemingly lifeless body fell to the floor in a puddle of slime. as his comrades approached what was almost certain to be the corpse of Ramsey, he stood up, eyes ablaze and glowing a light iridescent blue, much brighter than his normal eyecolor. In response, Leona quickly ran over and healed Ramsey. Blinking and shaking his head as if he was merely lost in a daydream Ramsey’s eyes returned to normal.

Deciding to take another break to recover from the events the party barricaded themselves in a room filled with cots, chests, and broken mirrors. Once they were ready to depart the paranoid hermit launched an arrow down the hallway only to hit something in the darkness.
Barely a moment later a squad of skeletons charged towards them. quickly dispatching the group of skeletons outside of a closed door, the party was given no opportunity to collect their wits as an undead ogre slammed menacingly through the closed door. After the ogre was disarmed by a flick of the wrist from Varus, the party quickly took care of Undead Menace and his smaller zombie comrades.

While scrounging for any valuables from the skirmish, Leona stumbles upon a very frightened bearded Skeleton, later to be known as Bornuk. The Adventurers decided to take the mute skeleton to the room they had just rested in to ask him some questions. with the help of a inkwell and paper, the party receives many answers to their curiosities from Bornuk.

Now that they knew they were in the Fifth Temple of the Ancients, and that the staff they were looking for was in the basement. They could start collaborating and come up with a plan of attack. After going through all the details of the staff belonging to a woman named Catherine locked in the basement. They are led to believe that Catherine was overwhelmed by the staffs power transforming her into what the party believes to be a medusa. With this newly deiscovered information the adventurers agree to head back to receive aid and advice from Theomon on how to engage the medusa in the safest, and most effective way possible.

After debating with Theomon on routes to be taken in the upcoming Battle for the Staff. Theomon mentions that in addition to the party staying the night, he may be able to rid Ramsey of his curse in the morning. They decided to stay, and prepare for departure and next step in the quest to rid Ramsey of the curse mark!

To be continued in Session VII



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