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Adventures in Fendelar - Session VII

Rejuvination from Shadow

Note – Most of the summary has been typed via phone. So it may be breif/incorrect, and since I’m writing this so late I may be missing important details

The party rests up, and they get brought a meal from Theomon. He says that he will be ready to remove the curse from Ramsey fairly shortly, just needing to gather the materials for writing the scroll.

Previously, as the party slept, Ramsey had a dream exemplifying the protests of the mouthless man, simply asking “Why?” and pointing out that he has done nothing to put Ramsey in harm. Ramsey explains that the mouthless man has no say over what happens, and that he hadn’t asked for any of this. Looking away, the mouthless man says “So be it.”

Reasonably concerned, ramsey decides to pull the party aside and explain to them what he saw, so they could discuss what to do. The party decides to try and draw out the mouthless man, Ramsey allowing him to take over his body. They do this, and he takes over.

After a long discussion, a few things are revealed. The mouthless man claims to go by Raphiel, and says he has learned a lot about who he is through using Ramsey as a host. He says the party should fear his power, and that he must control it.

He suggests that instead of completely removing him from Ramsey’s body, they should let him take over in time, so Ramsey can gain further power from the backseat. Or, they can find another vessel for him to take over. He suggests taking Bornuk the skeleton, but the party likes him. They suggest the skeletal minotaur, and he agrees.

The party agrees to keep Raphiel in Ramsey for now, but they accept the scroll from Theomon (who seems slightly irritated they would trust the word of Raphiel.) Theomon does leave them with the prepared ingredients to revive someone from petrification, minus the necessary basilisk blood. They then decide to head back, in hopes to dispatch the medusa.

They go across the lake once more, and arrive at the temple to find that there is another boat there with an adventuring party sigil. Angry, Mishanna punches a hole in the boat to make it sink, and when the party goes inside they’re even angrier to find a fully dead Bornuk the skeleton.

They go to check on the water serpant in the bathhouse, and instead of finding the serpant, they find an invisible person putting a knife to Mishanna’s throat. She freaks out, basically, and releases herself unharmed, while the rest of the party tracks down this invisible person and corners them.

The invisible person then surrenders, becoming visible, and reveals herself to be one of the other adventurers. She introduces herself as Valerie, and she seems very rogueish in nature. After calming the party down and listing her reason for behaving hostile, she agrees to help the party against the Medusa. After all, the rest of her party was turned to stone by the medusa.

As the party speaks with Valerie, they hear a mourning minotaur in the hallway. Ramsey gets a thought in his head. “I hear the beast, bring me to it.” After discussing for a while, they swing open the door and the Minotaur is right there. Ramsey loses control over his body as this swirling vortex of smoke coils out from his hand and around the minotaur.
After some smoky, bubbly theatrics, Raphiel took a new form, mouth in tact, seeming fairly sage-like. The party asks him if he will help out with the Medusa, and he says he will be around if they get in too much trouble- otherwise no.

They head downstairs, finding snakes coiled and gathered about more commonly as they descend, and they enter into a large room with pillars; there wings of the large room to the left and right. Those wings contain statues and altars of the ancient gods of the elements, but their heads had been destroyed. The whole room has a balcony circling around it.

As they explore, the party finds that a huge snake drops down from the balcony, and they have a fight with the giant constrictors. With the help of Valerie, they make it out alive, but they are thoroughly beaten up.

To be continued in Session VIII



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