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Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 2

Balufdum's sassy mouth

Feb 7th:
Spent all day on the road, I think I lost a good dozen hairs to the scalemail before I got fed up and tied it to the side.

Gotta say, Kriv ain’t a half bad cook. There was still some flavor in that charcoal he fed us!

No compliance record today for Balufdum; spent the day deactivated.

Feb 8th
So I’m sittin’ there, doing the last watch of the evening and I decide to have Balufdum potentially help. I tell him to keep watch with me and he does that normal booping noise whenever he accepts a command[accurately or otherwise] and things go silently for a bit.

‘Ventually he starts beepin’ randomly and; thinkin he actually did what I told him[HAH!] I looked around. Spotted these really weird blinky bush-things. I wake up Iago since I know him best and had him take a look while I got the others up.

Thing is, when I was walking away to get Iago, I called Balufdum a ‘Sassy bitch’ because he was obviously not being helpful and his beeping was only coincidentally syncing up with the presence of those bush things. Turns out he was recording that particular snippet of audio and has spent the entirety of the rest of the day calling us ‘Sassy bitches’. Giving him a new command overrides the behavior temporarily. [Keyword: Temporarily]

Anyway, blinky bush things were deemed not a proactive threat; they’re some kind of trapper monster according to Atan. Sucks too, they looked pretty flammable.
I hope I didn’t lose a bolt or something. My part counts on Balufdum isn’t lining up…

Feb 9th
Curse the fates! Finally we come against foes of whom I could light aflame without guilt and we must be in the tallest blasted field of dry grass in the Deadlands!

Not only could I not see ANYTHING, but I couldn’t even use flames lest I risk setting the entire area alight; company included.

I did make a zombie explode though! It was funny too, I don’t think Kriv realized I was there immediately; imagine what it must have looked like from his point of view!

Wound up having to climb the mule to be able to see anything during the fight.

Once everything had settled, we found a letter with orders on it; seems like there’s some intelligent force to the south of us moving these zombies around in a semi-organized way. Man if we don’t get a bonus for all this frikkin’ info I will personally set Voordikar’s favorite chair on fire.

In other news, Balufdum can go invisible! I made progress and have figured out how his functions activate-I think. It seems there are various nodes that make contact to cause various effects.

Feb 10th
Iago is having waaay too much fun with Balufdum now. Maybe I could recruit him later for more expansive testing; maybe his different perspective might give me a lead.

While tinkering with him, Balufdum exhibited the capability of emitting a fairly rough electric pulse. If I could replicate it reliably, it would be a major boon in battle.
Good news: We found Tenaesh alive and[marginally] unharmed. Just some arrows in her ribs that I easily removed and healed up. Bad news is that she got separated from her team, so we gotta save them too!

Iago doesn’t seem to like her a whole lot, but I bet she’ll warm up once she’s not so stressed! I got a couple jokes I might try bouncing off her, see what happens.

First we gotta rescueElliot and Gunther.



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