Stonemarch Archive

Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 3

FEB 10th Cont.

WELP. We can’t be sneaky to save our own skins! We tried to sneak ourselves to the church and made the loudest racket I’ve ever heard since the engineering hall!

Drew the attention of some skeletons, one landed an arrow in Iago, between his shoulder and chest. It looked really painful!

We wound up having to play this really irritating rendition of wack-a-mole with those damn skeletons for a while before we finally got rid of the pesky things.

Once it was all done, Iago asked me to get the arrow out of him, he’s a major trooper!

Crafting idea: Some sort of grappling/climbing system? Like a harness that can help me almost climb up surfaces I’m latched to.

We eventually arrived at the church, moving significantly more quietly than before, though Kriv was making an absolute racket! Still, we managed to avoid being detected by the patrolling skeletons.

We split into two groups, Kriv and I were one and Tenaesh, Iago, and Atan were in the other. We climbed the buildings to access the roofs. As soon as I poked my head up I got shot.


The fight went pretty damn eventfully. Atan made himself gigantic and just SMASHED those two skeletons on the ground, turned them into powder!

I jumped off the roof, Kriv caught me too! I’m glad I could trust him not to drop me.

[In quick hasty handwriting] “…So, all in all, I think we can sever the nervous part of the corpse and revitalize it using this method.”
“Well, if you’re confident, we’ll do that. The last few methods haven’t worked anyhow.”
“Our first tests did, but you know how that went.”



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