Stonemarch Expeditions

Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 4

Beware the man who is made of Hands

Feb 10th Cont.

We took shelter in this defensible three story building and while I was looking around the upper floor, I found this bag with some old rations in it and some caltrops. There’s a hammer and a crowbar. Also a flask, some sealing wax, paper, charcoal, and a tinderbox.

I didn’t find an owner on the upper floors, and headed down to talk to Iago, looked like he found traces of someone too.

We’ve all settled down to rest, Iago seems to be taking first watch. I wonder who was here.

In the pages is a quick drawing of this giant centaur monster made of hands and a torso of faces. It’s a huge class monster.

Ohhhhh by the name of Ki’Tara that thing is horrify- There is a massive scratch across the page

Oh shit it just took out a building
Feb 11th

Okay so I think someone did some kind of ritual sacrifice in the middle of the night cuz there was this freaky ass pentagram drawn from blood on the floor on the first floor that was NOT there last night. I think Iago knows something but I’m not completely sure; he acts like he knows nothing.

So we went back into the church and murderlized some more cultists and zombies. We’re resting in this audience chamber thing with this side room. I don’t entirely know what it’s for, but the side room has some statues of maidens with swords as well as a large stone dragon with a dark crystal in it’s mouth that spat some black flame and was talking to Iago and Kriv.

There were some voices by the door briefly, but they didn’t come in here so we’re okay.

Time to hit the road again…I’m really starting to miss home.



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