Stonemarch Expeditions

Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 5

Burning vengence

A few pages has been ripped out roughly, and the date jumps

February 15th, 512

That rat bastard. That fucking rat bastard, why didn’t anyone listen to me?!

We all suspected him, all of us! I knew something was up, he was trying to run! We should have checked the stone, we should have forced him with us, Iago should have trusted me!

We should have tried to look for Gunther.

The look on Tharnin’s face when I told him…When he learned his son was dead. Why am I not stronger? If I was stronger I could have looked for him! If I was stronger I could have found him, dead or not!

I could have at least brought him back the body.

Damn you Elliot.

I may not be a paladin of vengeance but I will certainly be giving them a run for their money. I will not rest until we find him.

And the fact that Gunther may have still been alive when we left…The fact he may STILL be alive even now.

There are magics to know, magics to let me FIND Elliot, to KNOW if Gunther is really dead.

Magics to bring him back, even.

I spent the entire night after he blew up the conference room helping in the search, so I don’t remember a whole lot of that meeting I was drug to the following morning after only a few precious minutes sleep. They were suspecting us; clearly.Tenaesh was locked up. I know she had nothing to do with it. I don’t know the details but there was an affection there, old perhaps, but present. Yet even she seemed wary, suspicious like the rest of us.

They locked her up, the bastards. They let her go at our vouch but still.

Tharnin is doing his best to be strong but the state of his office is a clear indicator of his grief, and I’m too damn weak to do anything; What good is healing if the pain is not physical?

Elliot, you may or may not have been directly involved with Gunther’s supposed death, but I swear on Ki’Tara, my pride, and the souls of my Parents and masters

I will watch you burn



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