Stonemarch Expeditions

Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 1

What is the ignition point of stone?

Feb 5, 512

By the gods I hate this scale-mail. Keeps nabbing my hair and just causing all sort of trouble. I’ll have to puck a leather back onto it later.

Tharnin called us for a mission, gotta hunt down his kid and his team after they up and got lost in the deadlands; I do hope they’re okay, but I don’t suspect to see this end on a very happy note.

He asked us if we needed anything, and then started given that Aten guy trouble over a spell focus. Ah well. Least he approved my request for parts!

Feb 6th, 512

The jackass. He’d better not go pulling that from my pay. Scratched out a smiley face too, is he flirting with me or just really bad at being playful? Well, no matter. They’re decent parts. We’re heading out now.

I got punched by a flaming zombie. It was awesome! We found this really gnarly sacrificial altar that had some giant spiders lurking nearby, looks like they were using web covered zombies as camouflage, but it just made them flammable. Mwahah!

Anyway, Aten, Kriv, and Iago decided to be graverobbers and start emptying the tomb in the alter of the bodies[and their valuables]. Gotta say, the smell is pretty bad. Who knew Dragonborn could vomit like that? It was almost impressive.

I found this bone knife, not entirely sure what it does, but I know it’s of the necromancy school. Gonna work on it now while we rest up before we crack open this casket with a lock on it.

New rule: If a casket has a lock on it, don’t touch the lock. Wound up waking up this Peldrith guy who’s apparently some big-shot Warlock from 15 years ago. He seemed like a nice enough guy, all things considered; but he might have just been to groggy to dust us. Regardless, he was really helpful in his own way! If he was telling the truth, then the cause for the zombies and stuff in the immediate area is in some ruins to the east. Isn’t that the very ruins where we’re making our pit-stop? I’ll bring it up to the others later, maybe we can give it a once over once we’re done with our primary mission.

Oh! That knife was also pretty bad news, too. It got stronger the more you killed things with it, but it compelled you to kill; overall it’s not a good thing. I’ll turn it in to Tharnin once we get back.

And Balufdum is sitting at 50/50 of command compliance today, and it didn’t end too bad compared to the laundry incident so that’s a plus!

[Written all over the margins of the page are calculations on what it would take to set stone on fire.]



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