Stonemarch Expeditions

Iago's Journal - Excerpt 1

Once more unto the breach.

February 5th, 512

Summoned by Tharnin Voordikar again. It’s a shame that of all the dwarves in the world, I always seem to get the only one with no respect for punctuality. Still, I will enjoy today’s route through the city to get there. Farben’s Pass is always moving in new ways, which is amusing considering I doubt they’ve built anything of value in the last decade. I feel like this meeting may be more interesting than usual though…

I don’t know why I thought this one would be different.

I keep asking for scouting work, and what do they give me? Recovery. It’s as if they have no respect for my own appraisal of my abilities. All I know is the rock these little shits are carrying better be worth all this trouble, though considering they gave the job to Voordikar’s spawn, I somehow doubt it. I will be nice to work with Kriv again though. I like a man who knows what he’s good at, and he’s not nearly as obnoxious as the other holy men I know. Farenhiem and Atan are less known to me, I’ve not heard much about either beyond warnings not to let the gnome near my food if I like it a color other than black. Atan seems a reasonable sort though, I don’t know why the commander barred his request for a simple spell focus.

February 6th, 512

We left at dawn by the gate, as if there were any other way to go. I wish Atan hadn’t asked for that damn donkey, it’s been ruining any attempts I’ve made at taking shortcuts or being stealthy. At any rate, I began charting our route once we lost sight of the gatehouse. (See bearings 2-6-a/f) We’ve made it a reasonable distance, but as always, there were complications.

Around the time we would have been looking for a place to camp, a stone pillar was sighted to the south, and the group decided to investigate. How such a landmark has gone uncharted so close to the wall is perhaps the biggest mystery of the day. At any rate, it was some sort of altar being used for unsavory sacrifices. Covered in corpse-wearing spiders, too, as such things are prone to be. After many exclamations of disgust, and reviving Atan from his envenomed state, we found some interesting items around the altar, namely a mass grave containing some valuables, a tunnel entrance, and coffin labeled Peldrith, who if memory serves was a warlock of some influence. I’ve convinced the group to wait and recover a bit before opening the coffin though, as the lock on it seems rather ominous.

It figures that of the hundreds of Khar Dorum agents to open graves looking to supplement their pay, I’d be the first one to have the guy in the box not only sit up, but talk intelligibly. Sounds like his sense of humor, wonder if he’s got anything to do with this. The guy seemed to indeed be the famous Peldrith, and the mask was distinctive enough I can probably verify that when we get back with some records. after he shook off the haze of what I can only assume was a very dull 15 years, he went to the tunnel we’d found and proceeded to crush someones skull. Fun. After we’d gotten out, he proceeded to demolish the altar, and warned Farenheim off using the dagger she’d found before vanishing.

Uma vez que os deuses não vai, diabo me salvar. Estou tão fodido.



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