Stonemarch Expeditions

Iago's Journal - Excerpt 3

Out of the frying pan...

February 10th, 512

I can’t say I’ve ever slain this many people and still been able to call an action a failure.

I guessed out a route to the back of the church, keeping clear of the main roads. We still managed to find a small patrol of skeletal archers though, which was unpleasant without any archers of our own. Watching Kriv vomit fire all over one before throwing it off the roof was fun, although my shoulder’s still twinging a bit. I don’t mind being shot so much, but the rust in the wounds from those malditas arrows really aggravates things.

After clearing another group of skeletons that was patrolling outside the church, most amusingly by Atan enlarging himself and jumping off a roof onto two of them, we entered and discovered that Peldrith’s information is likely accurate. A large staircase behind the altar led down into a sanctum of sorts where we found a large number of mages, who I assume to be members of a necromantic cult of some sort, along with some sort of undead with a remarkable level of awareness. After slaying the group, however, we were forced to flee when a wight with a longbow appeared on an upper level.

I jammed the doors with some weapons from our dead foes, and we booked it. After about two fingers, we found a three story home with a windowed peak, and decided to stay here for the night. Though there’s some evidence that someone else has been here, I’m reluctant to move the others. Atan in particular is quite wounded, and we can’t fight undead patrols on their turf in this condition.

Watch has been quiet. I’ve been attempting to reconstruct our path through the city so that we at least have some semblance of a map, but it’s hard without any bearings to work from. (map sketches 2-10-a/b)

I’ve decided to summon him after I pass off the watch. I’ll go down to the first floor, which should be quiet enough, and I need the ashes from the fireplace anyway. Just hope he’s in a bargaining mood…

February 11th, 512

Well, he went for it. I don’t think I’ve ever talked a crock of shit that big in my life, but for some reason he agreed. I traded six months for a spell and some additional power. Hopefully between the two I’ll be able to stand up to the bigger undead a little better.

Faranheim woke us up talking about some giant monster made of hands, which is just about the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard of, even without it smashing a building to bits (which explains the noise I heard last night while I was drawing.) at any rate, we had a decent breakfast, and we’re on our way back to the church…

We found another four mages and a few undead in the chapel when we made it back to the church. I’m starting to get suspiscious of where the leaders of this cult are recruiting their talent. Surely there aren’t that many insane wizards in the world? In an attempt to maximize the use of our magics after that fight, we headed downstairs and found the wraith from yesterday, plus one more, in a sort of throne room. Curiously, though they seem to favor the bow where they can use it, they were both carrying longswords of exceptional make.

We started searching for information and ‘evidence’ shortly after the fight, and while I was unlocking a nearby door, Kriv discovered that one of the curtains in the room was drawn over a room containing a large statue of a dragon and four statues of women I didn’t recognize. On approaching the statue, following Kriv, I heard a voice in my head that told me I wasn’t one of the chosen tainted. This was unpleasant, and annoyed me. I decided to bow to Kriv’s wisdom, and leave when it told me it was my ‘last warning’, however Faranheim decided that this seemed like the perfect time to get closer, and the statue decided to spit black flames at us. I have stolen its curtains out of spite.

We have decided to rest a bit before exploring further.

Many developments, almost none of them pleasant. After taking our rest, we discovered the room I had unlocked was a conference room, perhaps the most boring possible thing to find in a dungeon presided over by insane necromancers. At another nearby door, as I was unlocking it, a voice came from inside, informing us that whoever was inside was in a meeting. I faked my best wraith voice and announced "trouble upstairs, which they seemed to accept. When they said they would be coming shortly, we formed up around the door to ambush them as they came out.

Unfortunately, one of their number was an accomplished mage, and most of my comrades were nearly slain by his opening fire spell. Nevertheless, we managed to kill both the mages and the wraith that had been with them (though one of the mages decided to make a chase out of it.) During the chase, I stumbled over an invisible figure, which turned out to be an apprentice of Belethor’s in over her head out in the deadlands. Why the man thought sending a gnome who weighs less than my armor out here to gather things alone was a good idea is beyond me, and if you ask me, he deserves a firm shot the jaw for it. We agreed to escort Raisa back to Farben’s Pass, and headed back towards the house we’d used the night before, desperately in need of time for our burns to begin healing.

On our return, we found that the person who’d previously used the house as a resting space was none other than Elliot, who has informed us that Gunther is dead. while this is disheartening, he at least managed to recover the stone in his escape, so we’ve achieved our objective.

Algo sobre tudo isso cheira embora.

February 12th, 512

We set out this morning with all three of our charges in tow. After a private conversation with Kriv about my suspiscions, we took a route that past the church that housed the cult, and observing it from the outside acted like we were entertaining the idea of going back in. In all honesty I’d never have even entertained the thought, I just wanted to get a measure of the reactions of our new friends. Raisa reacted as I expected, but Eliot’s almost non-reaction to the idea gives me pause. maybe our numbers made him think we could do it, but either way I still don’t know what to make of him. At any rate, we headed back to the wall to collect Mr. Sweaters before making our way back towards the pass.

Good time today. we may have even found some new paths through the hills. (bearings 2-12-a/f).

February 13th, 512

Good time again. I’m starting to think the mordidinha is good luck. (bearings 2-13-a/k)

The other have been quite solemn sine we left Azarn, but I’m unsure what to do about it. Unfortunately, I thyink the only one who would appreciate the jokes a soldier has to offer in times like this is Kriv, and Faranhiem seems like she would get downright offended. Que posso fazer?

February 14th, 512

We’ve been doing well so far today. Might even make it back around sundown, which would make this the fastest trip from Azarn to Farbin’s I’ve ever heard of.

Making some quick notes to clear my head before I hit my bunk. We made it into town late, and decided to go ahead and report in. Elliot begged off, saying he didn’t want to be there when we told Tharnin his son was dead. I’ve been there, so I let him off the hook, which in retrospect was algo que só um idiota como eu poderia ter feito.

We went to make our report, and the stone he’d given us exploded when Tharnin opened the bag. Before my ears had cleared, I was out the door, gnome in hand (which in retrospect I should explain, since I’ve not yet reported she specializes in divination. Essa foi fácil.) I snagged a couple of confused looking gaurds on my way out, and when the others caught up, Faranhiem announced he was at the Brew Moon.

By the time we got there, though, he was gone, his issued gear ditched and a sarcastic not left on the windowsill. I heard Faranhiem shouting up a storm on my way out, and I Imagine some of the others are going to help with the search for him, but I’m off to bed. If I’m going to prison tomorrow, I at least want one night in a damn bed before they haul me away.

Talvez o meu pai estava certo. O que será será, e tentando mudar isso só pode me matar.

Não que isso importe.



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