Atan "GreenStem"


Str: 10
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 16

Max HP: 20

Prof saves:
Con +4
Cha +5

Arcana Passive: 13
Nature Passive: 13
Perception Passive: 13
Survival Passive: 13

Alchemist’s Tools Passive 13
Herbalism kit Passive 13

Dark Vision: 60 feet.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 140
Eyes: Emerald Green eyes
Hair Colour: Long & Blackish
Size: Medium

Weapon and Armour Proficiencies

Light Armour
Medium Armour

Mage Sword 1d8 Finesse weapon
All simple weapons.


Atan is a direct descendant of Oliva Blackrose, a battlemage regarded as an awakened god due to how powerful she was in life. Atan was born in a secluded little hermitage located in the forest of Covered Hills, north of the small city of Halfenheim. This was, however, not just any hermitage; it was a hermitage that only Aasimars lived within. Aasimars generally tried to blend in with society, but due to their natural beauty and charismatic personalities this tended to prove difficult; as a result, a few Aasimars decided to create a place that would allow those who wished to focus on studies and personal development within whatever field that they desired, without concern of concealing their true nature.
From early childhood Atan had always had a natural curiosity and interest in Herbalism and Alchemy. He, as so many of his kind, wished to help humans and to better the world. Atan dedicated his time towards this goal, through his development of potions, balms, ointments, etc.
Very quickly, the general thought around the hermitage became that if it had to do with potions or herbs, then Atan would be the kid you wanted to go to. Simply brewing potions was not enough for the brilliant Atan, and he quickly began working towards the discovery and development of potions as he firmly believed that potions could always become better. There would never be such a thing as a perfect potion, but there was always room for improvement through dedication and curiosity. This had not come without its own dangers, leading to incidents like the time Atan had, by accident, set a house on fire when playing around with the development of a new potion, or the time he accidentally stung himself on a venomous fang from a spider that still contained some paralyzing poison, and he was stuck staring at the wall for a day straight while people just chuckled at him for not being more careful.
But after many years of leaning and embracing his obsession, Atan finally managed to improve the formula for making a more effective healing potion. This was, overall, a large achievement in of itself as it was not simply what was known as a “large healing potion” but instead it was the same amount of liquid simply more powerful in it’s effect; more pure one would suppose you could call it. However, these potions required rather specific tools and requirements for them to be produced and as such it was not something that could just be produced on the road like many simpler versions of the same brew.
By this time Atan had turned 14 and was supposed to start his defence training, as all children in the hermitage were required in the case they were ever attacked while in the outside world, or if the hermitage was attacked by some creatures during the night. It was required that anyone living there was able to wield a sword, if nothing else. Now, Atan being a direct descendent in the bloodline of the Blackrose household, seemed to have some of his Ancestor’s talent for weaving swordplay and spells together, producing devastating results.

Even within the hermitage, it was clear to see that Atan was talented and he learned quickly the art of weaving spells and sword slashes together, but it was obvious that he still had a very long way to go to attain the grace of Olivia; he was still a budding sapling compared to the grand legacy of a tree that was she. Like most Aasimars, Atan’s goal was not to become great and known, it was to simply help others with the gifts that he had been bestowed from birth.

A little before Atan turned 17, he learned that there was more trouble brewing behind the great wall and decided to leave his hermitage in hope of helping the people living in that area, and perhaps learn more about himself in the process, and his deep obsession of Alchemy and Herbalism; but what mattered mostly to Atan, however, was the possibility to help others in this world.

Atan "GreenStem"

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