Captain Tharnin Voordikar

Captain within the stonemarch; Dedicated father


NAME: Captain Tharnin Voordikar
RACE: Dwarf
CLASS: Fighter[?]

HEIGHT: 4’11"
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
APPEARANCE: Tharnin is a broad and powerful looking dwarf with red-orange hair and a neatly kept and equally vibrant red-orange beard. Over his left eye is an eyepatch and often in his mouth is a stone pipe.

WEAPONS: A large axe
ARMOR: Splint mail
NOTABLE POSSESSIONS: An eye patch and a pipe

AFFILIATIONS: The Stonemarch, of which he is a captain. The party, Farenhiem, Iago, Atan, and Kriv, of who he is in charge of.
FAMILY: His son, Gunther Voordikar.

BIO: A high ranking Captain of The Stonemarch, he appears to care for his son immensely and possesses a stern but still somewhat pleasant demeanor, even when dealing with the shenanigans of his underlings.

Captain Tharnin Voordikar

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