Czar Greyblade

The Gentle General


NAME: Czar Greyblade
RACE: Dwarf

HEIGHT: Approx 5’8"
WEIGHT: Approx 250 lbs
APPEARANCE: Undoubtably dwarven, just significantly taller. He has a dark brown beard with noticable grey hairs among the braids, and his hair is shaved to a mohawk. He has a scar over his left eye, which is devoid of a pupil. Depsite these striking features, he has a gentle demeanor, and can be often seen with a pair of spectacles.

ARMOR: A fine set of dwarven platemail, that despite being battle-worn still shines in the torchlight.


-General of The Stonemarch
- Evris and Tharnin, both Captains under his command.


First seen in game exiting the meeting room with Tharnin after Elliot’s treason, appears to be a reasonable and understanding fellow upon first impressions.

Czar Greyblade

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