Elizul Akash

Human spellsword of the Stonemarch


NAME: Elizul Akash
RACE: Human
CLASS: Fighter[Eldritch Knight]
DOB/D: April 30th

HEIGHT: 5ft 9in
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
APPEARANCE: Elizul is a well built human man with well maintained armor and a pleasant disposition, his skin is a lighter tone and his hair brown and well trimmed. He is about 29 years in age and has blue eyes, always carrying a great sword.

WEAPONS: Great sword.
ARMOR: Splint mail

- The Stonemarch, to whom he is currently employed
- Farenhiem, a Rock Gnome he’s been friends with for a good decade or so.

- His grandmother Helen, who is elderly and long since gone blind.

Elizul’s parents were both members of the Stonemarch and natives to Farben’s pass and had passed away when he was about 17 while doing fieldwork, leaving his only living relative to be his paternal Grandmother. With no other means of income and a sickly grandmother, he joined the Stonemarch and met Farenhiem who he immediately became close friends with. He doesn’t much understand half the stuff she does, but he does his best to help where he can. He is loyal to a fault and always follows orders, no matter how dangerous the mission may seem. 80% of his wages generally goes to his grandmother as he lives and breathes the Stonemarch.

He is a very friendly man and, when he doesn’t have pressing issues to attend to, is always willing to stop for a chat or a drink.

Art credit: Atlanta-Hammy

Elizul Akash

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