Elliot Richmond

Betrayer of the Stonemarch


NAME: Elliot Richmond
RACE: Human
CLASS: Paladin of the Ancients?

HEIGHT: 5’11"
WEIGHT: 175lbs
APPEARANCE: A handsome man with mid-length brown hair and a thin, but muscular build. He has a distinctive scar running from his upper brow, across his face and down to the opposite cheek.

WEAPONS: A pair of shortswords?
ARMOR: A set of half-plate?

AFFILIATIONS: Formerly worked for The Stonemarch. His former team-mate Gunther Voordikar, and his former team-mate Tenaesh, who appeared to have also been a love interest of his at one time.

- A twin brother named Hector

BIO: He was one of the three missing team members, last seen leaving Farben’s pass to deliver a parcel to the camp to the east.

The party encountered him by coincidence, camping in the same building in the Azarn Ruins. It was after the party had been to the church a couple of times, and Elliot had reported to them that Gunther was dead and therefore not worth rescuing. When asked if he had the black stone he and Gunther had, he confirmed that he had it, showing the party a similar size bag containing the presumed stone.

The party decided to head back to Farben’s Pass after this, though the party seemed somewhat suspicious of Elliot, including Tenaesh. Their suspicion would be validated when they returned to the pass, and the stone Elliot had provided the party was a trap of sorts, exploding in the meeting room when they presented it to Captain Voordikar. After taking chase, using magical means to locate his gear, the party found he had left the majority of it behind in The Drunken Dwarf.

He has yet to be found.

Elliot Richmond

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