Farenhiem "Pyro" [Deceased]

A fire obsessed Cleric


Level: 4

HP: 27

AC: 16

Str: 15
Dex: 10
Con: 13
Int: 12
Wis: 16
Cha: 11


Class: Cleric of Light[Fire]

Race: Rock Gnome

DOB/D: October 15th

Height: 3ft 6in
Weight: 70lbs
Appearance: [Picture pending] Bristling with energy and curiosity matched only by her ego, Farenhiem is dressed in polished scale mail which faintly clicks as she moves. Working more as a headband than it’s intended purpose is a pair of welding goggles holding her wild orange hair off of her bright green eyes. She appears to be about Three foot six inches tall.

Weapons: Mace, Light Crossbow, Magic.
Armor worn: Scale Mail, Shield
Other notable possessions: Strapped across her chest is a leather strap, attached to which is a strange metal object that, at a glance, appears to be a ball with wheels which she calls “The Construct”, or " Balufdum "

-The Briston Enginerring Guild
-Elizul, a human fighter she is good friends with.
- The Stonemarch, to whom she is currently employed
- Iago, a fellow Stonemarch cartographer who, while she sometimes wants to strangle him, she respects.
- Kriv, a fellow Stonemarch and relatively quiet dragonborn who she feels she can depend on.
- Atan, a fellow Stonemarch, she is currently unsure where she stands with him.
-Tenaesh, a fellow Stonemarch and one of the lost party members she was sent to find. Despite only knowing one another a short time, she does feel like she could call Tenaesh a friend, even if only loosely.

-Her Grandfather, Rogo, who raised her.[DECEASED].
-Her parents, Gralphye and Bera, who were killed by the undead scourge when she was very young.

Bio: Faranhiem was born to Gralphye and Bera, Gnome engineers were lived in Farben’s pass, aiding the effort against the undead. During a brief wall breach, unfortunately, they were slain along with many others. Due to losing her caretakers, Farenhiem was sent to her Grandfather, Rogo, to raise her in the industrial city of Briston at the base of the mountains north of Kolgurum.

Raised with love, she learned the art of engineering from her grandfather and was sponsored by him to learn from and eventually join the Engineering guild located within the city.

Most of her life, Farenhiem was forced to contend with a very unnatural attraction to flame, resisting and tempering her urges through her work as a tinkerer and engineer. Eventually, however, after nearly burning down part of the city[she managed to avoid being caught, but the guilt still lingered] she sought out help to help gain control of her obsession.

Through weeks of research and half hearted prayer, she discovered the existence of Ki’Tara , and immediately sought out one of her monasteries. She learned not to abhor her devotion to flame, but embrace it. She still struggles with her pyromaniac tendencies, but it is controlled enough that it no longer poses an active threat.

Farenhiem "Pyro" [Deceased]

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