Iago Delshen

Sometimes you have to call for help to get the job done...


Class: Fighter 1 / Warlock 4

Race: Human
DOB/D: August 5th, 479 – ?
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 185
Appearance: Fit, with dark hair and eyes. Iago usually wears loose-fitting clothing in natural colors, and has a large tattoo on his left shoulder of an inverted pentagram with a bloody fist in the center.

Weapons Wielded: Guandao, Jian, Butterfly Swords
Armor Worn: Scale Mail
Other Notable Possessions: A standard issue Razamoran beret, a one ounce block of an unknown material, and a Shangxiao’s rank bars

Affiliations: King’s Army of Razamor (Xia Shi, 7th Division Irregulars, Dishonorably Discharged), Khar Dorum

Family: Caim and Gisela Delshen (Parents), Danilo Delshen (Brother)


Raised in Lomero’s Vale, an isolated community nestled in the mountains to the south of the border between Razamor and Achuna, Iago and his younger brother Danilo had a hard but wholesome life. Spending his summers helping harvest the barley and tomatoes grown on the family’s farm, and his winters learning letters and maths under his mother’s strict tutelage, Iago might never have left if not for the works of an evil man.

When Iago was 15, the valley community’s elderly leader Mauro passed away, leaving his son Henrique an obvious choice to take his place. Before long, Henrique proved himself a far more ruthless and efficient leader than Mauro had ever been. A large company of mercenaries took up residence in the valley, paid by heavy ‘taxes’ levied to support them. Before long, tensions between the residents and the new enforcers came to a head, and the Delshen boys were badly beaten in the ensuing brawl. Though his parents encouraged him to simply bite his tongue, Iago was determined to see the sell-swords cast out, and left in the night for Razamor.

Coming to the border, Iago found his way to an outpost of the King’s Army and used his considerable charm to talk his way into a meeting with the Shangxiao there, Cai Pengfei. Sympathetic to his cause, but unable to offer any real help outside Razamor’s borders, the old commander made him an offer: join the army, train as a scout, and lead a platoon on a ‘training excercise’ into the valley. Iago accepted eagerly.

The beginning of his training revealed that Iago was born soldier. He took to the guandao like a fish to water, the feint-and-slash style favored by the border jiaoguan catering to his natural strengths. Before three moons had passed, he was deemed ready for a training tour, and thanks to his new training as a cartographer, he was handed the map outlining the tour route along with a knowing nod from Sx. Pengfei.

The platoon’s entry to the valley was best described as a bloodbath. While the mercenary troop Henrique had hired were competent enough to keep the community’s residents in line, they were no match for fully trained and equipped soldiers. Henrique fled with what he could of his hoard, but the valley was rid of him, and Iago was lauded as a hero. Over the next few years, Iago continued his training as a scout at the outpost, slowly climbing his way through the ranks due to both his dedication and charisma. By the time Danilo came to enlist, he was a xia shi, in charge of his own squad of scouts, and Sx. Pengfei’s favorite for his excursions out into the savage lands.

I couldn’t last, however. Pengfei retired, and was replaced by a new shangxiao, Song Gen. The nephew of a local official, Gen’s command began a long string of defeats for the formerly successful division. Iago pushed himself and his men harder than ever in an attempt to provide better information and secure victories, and it was in this push that he discovered the truth. While out on a training run, Iago came upon a meeting between Gen and a group of orcs, where Gen was given a large bag and rolls of crude drawings on leather.

That night, Iago broke into the young shangxiao’s office, where he discovered the drawings were in fact orcish battle plans, for which Gen had devised strategies that looked legitimate for the Razamorans to field, but would surely lead to failure. Leaving the plans in place, he cleaned anything that would point to him having been in the office, thinking he would confront the commander in the morning, and needing there to be proof in his office of his involvement.

Unfortunately for Iago, Gen was in fact a capable wizard, and an alarm spell had been cast on the office. By the time of the confrontation, the office was free of any evidence, and Iago was dishonorably discharged for ‘gross insubordination’. When he tried to spread the word among his former comrades, none would believe him, his reputation tainted by the discharge. Frustrated and desperate to protect the lives of his friends and former comrades, Iago turned to an ancient ritual he had learned about during his schooling. Unknown to him, the ritual was in reality designed to summon a devil, and attracted the interest of none other than Mephistopheles, lord of Cania. The archdevil offered Iago all the power he needed to infiltrate the outpost and slay Song Gen in exchange for his soul, and he gladly accepted. The contract signed, Mephistopheles was gone as swiftly as he appeared, and Iago began his infiltration of the compound.

To say that it went well would be an extreme understatement. Before the alarm was sounded, Iago had been comfortably back in his room for hours. But still, thanks to his recent discharge, he was immediately a suspect, and though there was no real evidence of his guilt, the decision was made by the Xianbing to arrest and try him in an attempt to avoid appearing inept or inactive. Luckily Iago caught wind of their plan before they could capture him, and fled the country, making his way to Gantrvald, where he assumed the dwarves would leave him be as long as he made himself useful.

Iago Delshen

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