Half ogre that likes apples and chess


Kogan is a clear half-ogre.

He was discovered by the party when they were sent out to survey Narndah and bring back results on Bhanor.

It appears as though Bhanor has taken Kogan and raised him, isolated in a tower along the foothills of the ruined city. He brings food and maintains a good environment for him to live in. He knows the basics of chess, and has a large metal club to protect himself with.

The party learned much of this through Raisa’s suggestion and charming magic, so it’s unclear whether or not he’s dangerous. He’s not very smart, as he told the party he wasn’t home when they knocked on the door to the tower.

The party obtained a letter from an office in Narndah that said “Do something productive with your half ogre project or be done with it.” This clearly pertains to Kogan.


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