The observant


HP: 47
AC: 20 [18 when using two handed weapons]

STR: 18
DEX: 08
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 16
CHA: 10


NAME: Elyra Barlow, “Nemesis”
AGE: 35
CLASS: Fighter-1/Cleric-5
RACE: Tiefling
DOB: July 11th, 477

HEIGHT: 6ft 3in
WEIGHT: 220lbs
APPEARANCE: Nemesis is a brown eyed, pale skinned Tiefling with tall backwards pointed horns and white hair. A solid wall of a woman, she carries not an ounce of fat on her and sheer defined muscle allows her to wear her armor and swing her massive weapons with immense ease. Generally quiet, Nemesis gives off the feeling of not taking up a lot of room despite her size. Her armor and shield are engraved and embossed with the symbols of Vaia, and her greatsword is strapped to her back, the hammer on her hip.

WEAPONS: A greatsword and a Warhammer
ARMOR WORN: Polished and engraved Platemail and a shield.
OTHER NOTABLE POSSESSIONS: Around her neck is a silver locket.

Captain Evrus: She works closely with him as an interrigator, prison guard, evidence carrier, as well as other important tasks.
Captain Voordikar: She works under him on missions over the wall on occasion and is often pulled to assist him directly.


Nemesis arrived at Farbin’s pass in the year 500 and began work as a normal recruit, quickly gaining the attention and respect of several captains including both Captains Evrus and Voordikar. With a reputation for not being easy to rile or frighten, she works primarily as a right hand to Evrus, doing tasks for him such as prison and evidence transfers, interrogations, prison work, and background checks. She is also known to be pulled by Tharnin often to do work over the wall.

She doesn’t talk about her past much, but if pried she will mention that her older sister was executed for criminal dealings and she decided to find a life elsewhere from her homeland.


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