One of the missing team members


NAME: Tenaesh
RACE: Tiefling
CLASS: Arcane Trickster

HEIGHT: 5’3"
WEIGHT: 110lbs
APPEARANCE: Pale, purplish maroon skin with short black hair. Very punk-ish style. She has a set of glasses guarding eyes as orange as fire.

WEAPONS: Rapier, Daggers, Shortbow
ARMOR: Studded Leather

AFFILIATIONS: The Stonemarch. Her team, Elliot, and Gunther

BIO: One of the missing team members, last seen leaving Farben’s pass to deliver a parcel to the camp to the east within the dead lands. Found injured but alive in the Azarn Ruins, separated from her party. Seemingly confident in her own abilities, she does what she believes is best tactically regardless of what her team-mates suggest. She is in possession of the missing notes, but claims that Gunther possess the stone.


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