A strange machine carried by Farenhiem


Simple robot
Tiny-Non-magic Construct

This robot’s dimensions are approximately 10" by 10" and is roughly spherical with button depressions of 6 faces, one of which possesses ocular attachments in the shape of googly eyes.

Normally, Farenhiem keeps it deactivated and hanging off a strap on her person, and appears to be able to follow basic commands.
It possesses a somewhat expansive set of capabilities, the only issue is that it often doesn’t do what it is instructed.

So far it has proven capable of:
Sloppily painting objects
Spitting oil
Leaping 5ft into the air
Emitting powerful electricity
Turning invisible
Recording audio
Playing back recorded audio Incessantly and frequently.
Dropping to a baritone.
Following and approaching on command

To activate: 1 Item interaction
To command: 1 bonus action


Acquired by Farenhiem by her old Master in the Artisan’s guild, finding an attachment to what her master called ‘Junk’. Ignoring his insistence on it being garbage, she claimed it as her own when he attempted to discard it, and has kept it close by her side ever since, tinkering with it in hopes of one day making it a valuable and viable tool. She sort of considers it her friend and talks to it.

Amendment: It has begun talking back; but only says one specific phrase due to poorly timed sass.


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