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Adventure Outline
The Escapades of Some Pretty Powerful Idiots
  • The platoon are sent on their first expedition as a unit, tasked with discovering the fate of Elliot Richmond, Tenaesh, Gunther Voordikar, and the precious cargo they were carrying.
    • The platoon investigates an ancient altar and inadvertently release the warlock Peldrith.
    • Deciding that the Azarn Ruins are a likely place for their targets to have camped, the platoon investigates, finding Tenaesh in the outskirts of the city.
    • Investigating the church that Tenaesh claims Elliot and Gunther are trapped in, the party finds it heavily guarded by undead and mages.
    • After resting, the party return to the church and clear significant potions out, but find no trace of either Elliot or Gunther. Raisa appears during their investigation.
    • That night, the party encounter Elliot, who claims Gunther is dead. Having accomplished their mission, the party decides to return to the march and report.
  • Elliot Richmond betrays the Stonemarch, replacing the recovered stone with a firebomb and fleeing Farben’s Pass.
  • The platoon is sent to Narndah to investigate why scouts sent there have not returned.
    • Helgatha transforms Atan into a Troglodyte on behalf of Cthulhu
    • the platoon investigates the abandoned and sunken temple to Ki’tara in the lake.
    • The platoon meets Lord Ferrus, who agrees to assist them in escaping the temple in exchange for their silence on his location.
    • Iago and Kriv attempt to kill Helgatha, who escapes.
    • The Platoon meets Kogan at his home near Narndah, and through him learn about the mysterious figure Bhanor.
Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 5
Burning vengence

A few pages has been ripped out roughly, and the date jumps

February 15th, 512

That rat bastard. That fucking rat bastard, why didn’t anyone listen to me?!

We all suspected him, all of us! I knew something was up, he was trying to run! We should have checked the stone, we should have forced him with us, Iago should have trusted me!

We should have tried to look for Gunther.

The look on Tharnin’s face when I told him…When he learned his son was dead. Why am I not stronger? If I was stronger I could have looked for him! If I was stronger I could have found him, dead or not!

I could have at least brought him back the body.

Damn you Elliot.

I may not be a paladin of vengeance but I will certainly be giving them a run for their money. I will not rest until we find him.

And the fact that Gunther may have still been alive when we left…The fact he may STILL be alive even now.

There are magics to know, magics to let me FIND Elliot, to KNOW if Gunther is really dead.

Magics to bring him back, even.

I spent the entire night after he blew up the conference room helping in the search, so I don’t remember a whole lot of that meeting I was drug to the following morning after only a few precious minutes sleep. They were suspecting us; clearly.Tenaesh was locked up. I know she had nothing to do with it. I don’t know the details but there was an affection there, old perhaps, but present. Yet even she seemed wary, suspicious like the rest of us.

They locked her up, the bastards. They let her go at our vouch but still.

Tharnin is doing his best to be strong but the state of his office is a clear indicator of his grief, and I’m too damn weak to do anything; What good is healing if the pain is not physical?

Elliot, you may or may not have been directly involved with Gunther’s supposed death, but I swear on Ki’Tara, my pride, and the souls of my Parents and masters

I will watch you burn

Iago's Journal - Excerpt 3
Out of the frying pan...
February 10th, 512

I can’t say I’ve ever slain this many people and still been able to call an action a failure.

I guessed out a route to the back of the church, keeping clear of the main roads. We still managed to find a small patrol of skeletal archers though, which was unpleasant without any archers of our own. Watching Kriv vomit fire all over one before throwing it off the roof was fun, although my shoulder’s still twinging a bit. I don’t mind being shot so much, but the rust in the wounds from those malditas arrows really aggravates things.

After clearing another group of skeletons that was patrolling outside the church, most amusingly by Atan enlarging himself and jumping off a roof onto two of them, we entered and discovered that Peldrith’s information is likely accurate. A large staircase behind the altar led down into a sanctum of sorts where we found a large number of mages, who I assume to be members of a necromantic cult of some sort, along with some sort of undead with a remarkable level of awareness. After slaying the group, however, we were forced to flee when a wight with a longbow appeared on an upper level.

I jammed the doors with some weapons from our dead foes, and we booked it. After about two fingers, we found a three story home with a windowed peak, and decided to stay here for the night. Though there’s some evidence that someone else has been here, I’m reluctant to move the others. Atan in particular is quite wounded, and we can’t fight undead patrols on their turf in this condition.

Watch has been quiet. I’ve been attempting to reconstruct our path through the city so that we at least have some semblance of a map, but it’s hard without any bearings to work from. (map sketches 2-10-a/b)

I’ve decided to summon him after I pass off the watch. I’ll go down to the first floor, which should be quiet enough, and I need the ashes from the fireplace anyway. Just hope he’s in a bargaining mood…

February 11th, 512

Well, he went for it. I don’t think I’ve ever talked a crock of shit that big in my life, but for some reason he agreed. I traded six months for a spell and some additional power. Hopefully between the two I’ll be able to stand up to the bigger undead a little better.

Faranheim woke us up talking about some giant monster made of hands, which is just about the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard of, even without it smashing a building to bits (which explains the noise I heard last night while I was drawing.) at any rate, we had a decent breakfast, and we’re on our way back to the church…

We found another four mages and a few undead in the chapel when we made it back to the church. I’m starting to get suspiscious of where the leaders of this cult are recruiting their talent. Surely there aren’t that many insane wizards in the world? In an attempt to maximize the use of our magics after that fight, we headed downstairs and found the wraith from yesterday, plus one more, in a sort of throne room. Curiously, though they seem to favor the bow where they can use it, they were both carrying longswords of exceptional make.

We started searching for information and ‘evidence’ shortly after the fight, and while I was unlocking a nearby door, Kriv discovered that one of the curtains in the room was drawn over a room containing a large statue of a dragon and four statues of women I didn’t recognize. On approaching the statue, following Kriv, I heard a voice in my head that told me I wasn’t one of the chosen tainted. This was unpleasant, and annoyed me. I decided to bow to Kriv’s wisdom, and leave when it told me it was my ‘last warning’, however Faranheim decided that this seemed like the perfect time to get closer, and the statue decided to spit black flames at us. I have stolen its curtains out of spite.

We have decided to rest a bit before exploring further.

Many developments, almost none of them pleasant. After taking our rest, we discovered the room I had unlocked was a conference room, perhaps the most boring possible thing to find in a dungeon presided over by insane necromancers. At another nearby door, as I was unlocking it, a voice came from inside, informing us that whoever was inside was in a meeting. I faked my best wraith voice and announced "trouble upstairs, which they seemed to accept. When they said they would be coming shortly, we formed up around the door to ambush them as they came out.

Unfortunately, one of their number was an accomplished mage, and most of my comrades were nearly slain by his opening fire spell. Nevertheless, we managed to kill both the mages and the wraith that had been with them (though one of the mages decided to make a chase out of it.) During the chase, I stumbled over an invisible figure, which turned out to be an apprentice of Belethor’s in over her head out in the deadlands. Why the man thought sending a gnome who weighs less than my armor out here to gather things alone was a good idea is beyond me, and if you ask me, he deserves a firm shot the jaw for it. We agreed to escort Raisa back to Farben’s Pass, and headed back towards the house we’d used the night before, desperately in need of time for our burns to begin healing.

On our return, we found that the person who’d previously used the house as a resting space was none other than Elliot, who has informed us that Gunther is dead. while this is disheartening, he at least managed to recover the stone in his escape, so we’ve achieved our objective.

Algo sobre tudo isso cheira embora.

February 12th, 512

We set out this morning with all three of our charges in tow. After a private conversation with Kriv about my suspiscions, we took a route that past the church that housed the cult, and observing it from the outside acted like we were entertaining the idea of going back in. In all honesty I’d never have even entertained the thought, I just wanted to get a measure of the reactions of our new friends. Raisa reacted as I expected, but Eliot’s almost non-reaction to the idea gives me pause. maybe our numbers made him think we could do it, but either way I still don’t know what to make of him. At any rate, we headed back to the wall to collect Mr. Sweaters before making our way back towards the pass.

Good time today. we may have even found some new paths through the hills. (bearings 2-12-a/f).

February 13th, 512

Good time again. I’m starting to think the mordidinha is good luck. (bearings 2-13-a/k)

The other have been quite solemn sine we left Azarn, but I’m unsure what to do about it. Unfortunately, I thyink the only one who would appreciate the jokes a soldier has to offer in times like this is Kriv, and Faranhiem seems like she would get downright offended. Que posso fazer?

February 14th, 512

We’ve been doing well so far today. Might even make it back around sundown, which would make this the fastest trip from Azarn to Farbin’s I’ve ever heard of.

Making some quick notes to clear my head before I hit my bunk. We made it into town late, and decided to go ahead and report in. Elliot begged off, saying he didn’t want to be there when we told Tharnin his son was dead. I’ve been there, so I let him off the hook, which in retrospect was algo que só um idiota como eu poderia ter feito.

We went to make our report, and the stone he’d given us exploded when Tharnin opened the bag. Before my ears had cleared, I was out the door, gnome in hand (which in retrospect I should explain, since I’ve not yet reported she specializes in divination. Essa foi fácil.) I snagged a couple of confused looking gaurds on my way out, and when the others caught up, Faranhiem announced he was at the Brew Moon.

By the time we got there, though, he was gone, his issued gear ditched and a sarcastic not left on the windowsill. I heard Faranhiem shouting up a storm on my way out, and I Imagine some of the others are going to help with the search for him, but I’m off to bed. If I’m going to prison tomorrow, I at least want one night in a damn bed before they haul me away.

Talvez o meu pai estava certo. O que será será, e tentando mudar isso só pode me matar.

Não que isso importe.

Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 4
Beware the man who is made of Hands

Feb 10th Cont.

We took shelter in this defensible three story building and while I was looking around the upper floor, I found this bag with some old rations in it and some caltrops. There’s a hammer and a crowbar. Also a flask, some sealing wax, paper, charcoal, and a tinderbox.

I didn’t find an owner on the upper floors, and headed down to talk to Iago, looked like he found traces of someone too.

We’ve all settled down to rest, Iago seems to be taking first watch. I wonder who was here.

In the pages is a quick drawing of this giant centaur monster made of hands and a torso of faces. It’s a huge class monster.

Ohhhhh by the name of Ki’Tara that thing is horrify- There is a massive scratch across the page

Oh shit it just took out a building
Feb 11th

Okay so I think someone did some kind of ritual sacrifice in the middle of the night cuz there was this freaky ass pentagram drawn from blood on the floor on the first floor that was NOT there last night. I think Iago knows something but I’m not completely sure; he acts like he knows nothing.

So we went back into the church and murderlized some more cultists and zombies. We’re resting in this audience chamber thing with this side room. I don’t entirely know what it’s for, but the side room has some statues of maidens with swords as well as a large stone dragon with a dark crystal in it’s mouth that spat some black flame and was talking to Iago and Kriv.

There were some voices by the door briefly, but they didn’t come in here so we’re okay.

Time to hit the road again…I’m really starting to miss home.

Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 3

FEB 10th Cont.

WELP. We can’t be sneaky to save our own skins! We tried to sneak ourselves to the church and made the loudest racket I’ve ever heard since the engineering hall!

Drew the attention of some skeletons, one landed an arrow in Iago, between his shoulder and chest. It looked really painful!

We wound up having to play this really irritating rendition of wack-a-mole with those damn skeletons for a while before we finally got rid of the pesky things.

Once it was all done, Iago asked me to get the arrow out of him, he’s a major trooper!

Crafting idea: Some sort of grappling/climbing system? Like a harness that can help me almost climb up surfaces I’m latched to.

We eventually arrived at the church, moving significantly more quietly than before, though Kriv was making an absolute racket! Still, we managed to avoid being detected by the patrolling skeletons.

We split into two groups, Kriv and I were one and Tenaesh, Iago, and Atan were in the other. We climbed the buildings to access the roofs. As soon as I poked my head up I got shot.


The fight went pretty damn eventfully. Atan made himself gigantic and just SMASHED those two skeletons on the ground, turned them into powder!

I jumped off the roof, Kriv caught me too! I’m glad I could trust him not to drop me.

[In quick hasty handwriting] “…So, all in all, I think we can sever the nervous part of the corpse and revitalize it using this method.”
“Well, if you’re confident, we’ll do that. The last few methods haven’t worked anyhow.”
“Our first tests did, but you know how that went.”

Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 2
Balufdum's sassy mouth

Feb 7th:
Spent all day on the road, I think I lost a good dozen hairs to the scalemail before I got fed up and tied it to the side.

Gotta say, Kriv ain’t a half bad cook. There was still some flavor in that charcoal he fed us!

No compliance record today for Balufdum; spent the day deactivated.

Feb 8th
So I’m sittin’ there, doing the last watch of the evening and I decide to have Balufdum potentially help. I tell him to keep watch with me and he does that normal booping noise whenever he accepts a command[accurately or otherwise] and things go silently for a bit.

‘Ventually he starts beepin’ randomly and; thinkin he actually did what I told him[HAH!] I looked around. Spotted these really weird blinky bush-things. I wake up Iago since I know him best and had him take a look while I got the others up.

Thing is, when I was walking away to get Iago, I called Balufdum a ‘Sassy bitch’ because he was obviously not being helpful and his beeping was only coincidentally syncing up with the presence of those bush things. Turns out he was recording that particular snippet of audio and has spent the entirety of the rest of the day calling us ‘Sassy bitches’. Giving him a new command overrides the behavior temporarily. [Keyword: Temporarily]

Anyway, blinky bush things were deemed not a proactive threat; they’re some kind of trapper monster according to Atan. Sucks too, they looked pretty flammable.
I hope I didn’t lose a bolt or something. My part counts on Balufdum isn’t lining up…

Feb 9th
Curse the fates! Finally we come against foes of whom I could light aflame without guilt and we must be in the tallest blasted field of dry grass in the Deadlands!

Not only could I not see ANYTHING, but I couldn’t even use flames lest I risk setting the entire area alight; company included.

I did make a zombie explode though! It was funny too, I don’t think Kriv realized I was there immediately; imagine what it must have looked like from his point of view!

Wound up having to climb the mule to be able to see anything during the fight.

Once everything had settled, we found a letter with orders on it; seems like there’s some intelligent force to the south of us moving these zombies around in a semi-organized way. Man if we don’t get a bonus for all this frikkin’ info I will personally set Voordikar’s favorite chair on fire.

In other news, Balufdum can go invisible! I made progress and have figured out how his functions activate-I think. It seems there are various nodes that make contact to cause various effects.

Feb 10th
Iago is having waaay too much fun with Balufdum now. Maybe I could recruit him later for more expansive testing; maybe his different perspective might give me a lead.

While tinkering with him, Balufdum exhibited the capability of emitting a fairly rough electric pulse. If I could replicate it reliably, it would be a major boon in battle.
Good news: We found Tenaesh alive and[marginally] unharmed. Just some arrows in her ribs that I easily removed and healed up. Bad news is that she got separated from her team, so we gotta save them too!

Iago doesn’t seem to like her a whole lot, but I bet she’ll warm up once she’s not so stressed! I got a couple jokes I might try bouncing off her, see what happens.

First we gotta rescueElliot and Gunther.

Iago's Journal - Excerpt 2
You sassy bitch
February 7th, 512

Perhaps I should buy Kriv a cookbook. The poor lunk seems determined to prepare “real” meals for us out of our rations, but they’re so hit-or-miss I’m beginning to suspect dragonborn have no real sense of taste, and he’s just working on the general principles of cooking as he knows them.

At any rate, good time was made today. (Bearings 2-7-a/g) I’ve found us a reasonably nice camping spot on a hill, which should afford us some time to spot any wandering undead approaching.

February 8th, 512

Hellish wonders never cease. Farenhiem woke us all up at some ungodly hour this morning because there were, and I think I’m quoting, “some weird blinky bushes”. Thwarting my expectation that she’d finally finished losing her mind, however, there were indeed bushes that seemed to be watching us from a distance with faintly glowing pearly eyes. I kept an eye on them while Atan and Kriv armored up, the tension of the moment broken only by Balufdum, (as the gnome has apparently named that ridiculous gadget of hers,) who was repeating “You sassy bitch” in Farenhiem’s voice. I did enjoy that.

It took until our approach for Atan to scrounge something useful out of his potion-addled brain, and he informed us that these were likely the lure of some type of trapping predator, something resembling an earth elemental buried in wait. Though I still would have preferred to kill anything impertinent enough to sit there and blink at me, I bowed to his knowledge on the subject, and we left the ‘ Elementais Espinheiros’, or Bramble Elementals, as I have decided to call them, alone.

Progress has been good. (Bearings 2-8-a/d) We will hopefully reach Azarn by day’s end tomorrow.

February 9th, 512

My leg hurts.

Though our day trekking across the wetlands was going as well as such things can, the undead were as ready as ever to stomp all over any chance of things going smoothly that might have been. Right on schedule to be a pain in my ass, we were ambushed by half a dozen undead , five resembling zombies with swollen deformities, led by one that, judging from Kriv’s wounds, was probably a wight. Atan pulled off some sort of enlarging magic on the both of us, which I was quite enjoying until one of those zumbis malditos whacked me in the leg and left behind some kind of poison nettles. Filho de puta. After piling the bodies, I did manage to determine from my new vantage point that we were slightly off course (bearings 2-9-a/m) and had wound up a few hours south of our intended destination.

A note was found on the wight that’s somewhat disturbing. I’ve enclosed it here. Seems that while Peldrith pointed us at Azarn, there may be additional activity stemming from Narndah to the south. Tão certo como Auryn tem sandálias, I don’t want to be the one investigating it.

We should make Azarn by noon tomorrow. I sincerely hope this idiot brigade is there. If I have to do three more days like this before we find them, I may kill them myself on principle.

February 10th, 512

(bearings 2-10-a/c) Seems idiot brigade my have been a little too on the nose. we’ve made it into Azarn and made contact with Tenaesh, who has irritatingly separated from her compatriots. She claims to have the notes, but that Gunther has the stone, so we must go after him and Eliot, who were apparently heading for a church in the center of town.

Até mesmo o diabo não vai me salvar, pois ele é uma cadela atrevida

Farenhiem's Journal-Excerpt 1
What is the ignition point of stone?

Feb 5, 512

By the gods I hate this scale-mail. Keeps nabbing my hair and just causing all sort of trouble. I’ll have to puck a leather back onto it later.

Tharnin called us for a mission, gotta hunt down his kid and his team after they up and got lost in the deadlands; I do hope they’re okay, but I don’t suspect to see this end on a very happy note.

He asked us if we needed anything, and then started given that Aten guy trouble over a spell focus. Ah well. Least he approved my request for parts!

Feb 6th, 512

The jackass. He’d better not go pulling that from my pay. Scratched out a smiley face too, is he flirting with me or just really bad at being playful? Well, no matter. They’re decent parts. We’re heading out now.

I got punched by a flaming zombie. It was awesome! We found this really gnarly sacrificial altar that had some giant spiders lurking nearby, looks like they were using web covered zombies as camouflage, but it just made them flammable. Mwahah!

Anyway, Aten, Kriv, and Iago decided to be graverobbers and start emptying the tomb in the alter of the bodies[and their valuables]. Gotta say, the smell is pretty bad. Who knew Dragonborn could vomit like that? It was almost impressive.

I found this bone knife, not entirely sure what it does, but I know it’s of the necromancy school. Gonna work on it now while we rest up before we crack open this casket with a lock on it.

New rule: If a casket has a lock on it, don’t touch the lock. Wound up waking up this Peldrith guy who’s apparently some big-shot Warlock from 15 years ago. He seemed like a nice enough guy, all things considered; but he might have just been to groggy to dust us. Regardless, he was really helpful in his own way! If he was telling the truth, then the cause for the zombies and stuff in the immediate area is in some ruins to the east. Isn’t that the very ruins where we’re making our pit-stop? I’ll bring it up to the others later, maybe we can give it a once over once we’re done with our primary mission.

Oh! That knife was also pretty bad news, too. It got stronger the more you killed things with it, but it compelled you to kill; overall it’s not a good thing. I’ll turn it in to Tharnin once we get back.

And Balufdum is sitting at 50/50 of command compliance today, and it didn’t end too bad compared to the laundry incident so that’s a plus!

[Written all over the margins of the page are calculations on what it would take to set stone on fire.]

Iago's Journal - Excerpt 1
Once more unto the breach.
February 5th, 512

Summoned by Tharnin Voordikar again. It’s a shame that of all the dwarves in the world, I always seem to get the only one with no respect for punctuality. Still, I will enjoy today’s route through the city to get there. Farben’s Pass is always moving in new ways, which is amusing considering I doubt they’ve built anything of value in the last decade. I feel like this meeting may be more interesting than usual though…

I don’t know why I thought this one would be different.

I keep asking for scouting work, and what do they give me? Recovery. It’s as if they have no respect for my own appraisal of my abilities. All I know is the rock these little shits are carrying better be worth all this trouble, though considering they gave the job to Voordikar’s spawn, I somehow doubt it. I will be nice to work with Kriv again though. I like a man who knows what he’s good at, and he’s not nearly as obnoxious as the other holy men I know. Farenhiem and Atan are less known to me, I’ve not heard much about either beyond warnings not to let the gnome near my food if I like it a color other than black. Atan seems a reasonable sort though, I don’t know why the commander barred his request for a simple spell focus.

February 6th, 512

We left at dawn by the gate, as if there were any other way to go. I wish Atan hadn’t asked for that damn donkey, it’s been ruining any attempts I’ve made at taking shortcuts or being stealthy. At any rate, I began charting our route once we lost sight of the gatehouse. (See bearings 2-6-a/f) We’ve made it a reasonable distance, but as always, there were complications.

Around the time we would have been looking for a place to camp, a stone pillar was sighted to the south, and the group decided to investigate. How such a landmark has gone uncharted so close to the wall is perhaps the biggest mystery of the day. At any rate, it was some sort of altar being used for unsavory sacrifices. Covered in corpse-wearing spiders, too, as such things are prone to be. After many exclamations of disgust, and reviving Atan from his envenomed state, we found some interesting items around the altar, namely a mass grave containing some valuables, a tunnel entrance, and coffin labeled Peldrith, who if memory serves was a warlock of some influence. I’ve convinced the group to wait and recover a bit before opening the coffin though, as the lock on it seems rather ominous.

It figures that of the hundreds of Khar Dorum agents to open graves looking to supplement their pay, I’d be the first one to have the guy in the box not only sit up, but talk intelligibly. Sounds like his sense of humor, wonder if he’s got anything to do with this. The guy seemed to indeed be the famous Peldrith, and the mask was distinctive enough I can probably verify that when we get back with some records. after he shook off the haze of what I can only assume was a very dull 15 years, he went to the tunnel we’d found and proceeded to crush someones skull. Fun. After we’d gotten out, he proceeded to demolish the altar, and warned Farenheim off using the dagger she’d found before vanishing.

Uma vez que os deuses não vai, diabo me salvar. Estou tão fodido.

An Adventurer's Log Note-

Basically, I’m way too lazy, and have plenty of other things to do, and I’ve fallen plenty behind in adventurer’s log. So, they’re very far behind, and at this point I’m unsure if I can remember all the between bits (unless I tried very, very hard.) Plus, my note-taking skills took a nosedive. I’ll be trying to better that – at the very least, I want to keep locations, characters, and gods updated on the wiki. Perhaps I can fill those in as we do the sessions- if I can’t though, it isn’t the end of the world either.


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