Belthor's magic shop

Owned and managed by the Elven mage Belthor, the shop is a stone cottage close to one of the wall’s towers which he seems to have access to.

The property has some garden space and is stocked with a variety of magic goods both private and for sale.

Belthor likely has more items available than he lets on, but some of the confirmed items he has available are as follows:


Item: Hat of Disguise
Page: DMG 173
Price: 1,000 GP

Item: Driftglobe
Page: DMG 166
Price: 500 GP

Item: Water walking ring
Page: DMG 193
Price: 350 GP

Item: Folding Boat
Page: DMG 170
Price: 2,000 GP

Item: Braces of Archery[Major]
Page: DMG 156
Price: 2,000 GP

Item: Wand of Scorching Ray
Page: N/A
Price: 1,800 GP

Item: Immovable Rod
Page: DMG 175
Price: 1,500 GP

Item: Scroll of [Spell]
Page: DMG 200
Price: 100GP * Spell level

Belthor's magic shop

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