Bramble Elemental

Unofficial name: Bramble Elemental

Official Name: Unknown

Race//Type: Race unknown, Type predator, Plant, elemental perhaps? Unsure I did not fight them.

Height//Size: Seemed medium to large, the problem was that I preferred not to right them as we could avoid it and I only saw then 60 feet away.

Weight: Unknown.

Appearance: They appeared as a mix between a bush and a rock blending well in to the environment. The question however then appear if this was due to their location, if they would look different in other locations such as perhaps a more mountain area, they would seem more like a rock? So far they seemed to blend with the area despite the glowing eyes that might be partly due to attracting creatures.

Hunting Pattern: They seemed to be trappers and stalkers, overall they take it slow and only hunt doing the dusk, dawn and night where light is more dim.

Weapons: Unknown, I would guess they might have weapons that restrain or perhaps a type of poison. More research will have to be done.

Armor: If their skin really is based around rock and bark etc, I am guessing they are have a sort of natural armor like a type or bark that grows on the outside of them, however as we did not get close enough to study it further. More research is needed.

Affiliations: I highly expect them to be of a neutral affiliation, as in not having any affiliations other than to their kin. However more research is needed.

Other Notes: I can’t help but wonder if there are things that can be harvested from them, I saw they had some flowers on their bodies but that does not mean they are magical, I will still need to get a few samples however but that’s for when we are not on a mission to help someone.

Bramble Elemental

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