Fire Salamander

Unofficial name: Fire Lizzard

Official Name: Fire Salamander

Race//Type: Lizzard type, water creature it seems, most likely stay close to active heat sources

Height//Size: It’s size from what I saw appeared to be Large

Weight: Unknown, most likely rather heavy

Appearance: bright orange and red scales, was glowing and almost seemed like molten rock.

Hunting Pattern: Unknown

Weapons: Tridant/spear it would seem

Armor: Seems not to need it, would most likely catch fire or melt if it attempted to wear it.

Affiliations: Helgatha would seem to have an arrangement other then that unknown.

Other Notes: Fire salamanders would appear to be hot enough to make water boil around them and in a
Fair distance around itself as well so they must be insanely hot

Fire Salamander

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