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Since we’re using a wiki for our campaign, as a little incentive for working on it I’m going to give out experience modifiers based on what sort of effort you put into the wiki.

You can:

  • Update existing pages
  • Submit proper tags & Link pages
  • Create new pages
  • Write adventure logs
  • Be creative, invent lore, expand backstory… etc!

The easiest way to know what sort of page to make would be going through the adventure logs. As I write them, I make basic red links for you to click on. If you click on them, it brings you straight to the create page thing, and from there you just have to fill out what the party (or players) know about the topic. If it’s an NPC, create a character page instead.

The bonus exp you earn is based on how much work you do.
At a minimum effort before the weekly sessions, you can earn 10% bonus exp. (1.1x multiplier)
And you can earn (going by my discretion) up to a maximum of 50% bonus exp (1.5x multiplier)

That said, it isn’t required. But, if you’re gonna do dungeon crawling, or find yourself getting a lot of experience in your sessions due to anything else (Higher level is higher exp), you can get a decent chunk of experience this way.

Happy Bonus EXP hunting!

Main Page

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