Olivia Blackrose

Olivia Blackrose is one of the most controversial of the awakened gods. They say that her magical prowess rivaled even the greatest wizards and casters of her time. She was a fair skinned, pale woman with short, black hair, and striking green eyes. She had a mantle tattoo of red roses and black thorns that spread across her back and well down her left arm. Her symbols of worship (above) reflects this often.

Adventuring Life

Olivia Blackrose has a curious timeline. She was raised in a time of magical reform, where the land exiled those that knew magic well, and magics in general were feared. Any magic was a criminal offense in most human lands. Growing up, she learned at a rate much faster than anyone being schooled at that age.

The use of magic came naturally to Olivia, and hiding her power became more and more of a test to her as she grew older. As a means of controlling and hiding her power, she became a martial adept, training with the castle guardsmen since blade wielding also came naturally to her. She went on to command several magic-abolishing platoons, working for a rising faction named the Redwing Legion.

During this time, she was heralded as a hero, and she did vanquish many evils caused by illegal magics. Her name was well recognized with the people of Fendelar.

In the prime of her career, she fell in love with a man and had a son, leaving fighting and adventuring behind for a while. As her son grew older, he too had magical power – but he had more trouble controlling it. One day, a cloud of suspicion came over her family due to her young son’s uncontrollable magic power. Protecting the boy, her husband took the blame for the magic. The captain of the troop that visited her home executed him on the spot, dragging his corpse into the streets to be burned. At the same time, her hard earned reputation was stripped from her. She lost everything.

WAKE-_Olivia_Blackrose1.jpgThe controversy of her adventuring life arose when she sought the help of powerful demons and their armies to shake the legion and change the way the world saw magic. Despite the dark route she took, she was able to expose the legion’s corruption. Many rose to fight the demons she commanded, but they also fought against the legion. After the legion was torn apart, she retreated with the demons back to the nine hells. Had it not been for her involvement with the demons, Fendelar could still be a magic fearing land.

Many, many years went by, and she wasn’t heard of. During the age of awakening, she resurfaced to uphold a plot by Asmodeus to harness the power of godly ascension that was rippling through the land. During this, she faced many heroes, and slaughtered many well-recognized heroes of the time. She was struck down though, by Jenelysa, who had came to close off a gateway to hell.

For reasons still left unknown, this defeat changed Olivia. Her motives changed drastically, and she started working against Asmodeus’ plans on her own. In her last moments, she destroyed a gateway that Asmodeus was going to use to enter Fendelar himself – and, in a flash of light and a boom of chanting saints, her soul floated into the aether. With her last sacrifice, she halted the evils that she had brought to the land herself.

As the truth of her story spread across the land, the support and worship of her was strongly divided – and still remains this way. Many accept her path as a story of vengeance, and later, repentance. Many also can’t forgive her for the sins she committed as a general of the hells.


As stated earlier, Olivia took posession of two swords with scarlet blades. It’s believed she obtained these blades while working for the redwing legion. It is claimed that as an effort of magical restraint, she focused and channeled much of her magical energy into the swords, making them incredibly powerful. After her ascension, they were both lost to the ages.


Olivia blackrose was actually used in an earlier 5th edition campaign of mine titled Age of Magical reform, and the backstories for the character and the awakened god are very similar to reflect this. She was still a prominent commander in the anti-magic legion of the same name, but the world was much different. She worked as a captain to the party of players, and fought aside them once. In this setting, she only had one scarlet sword. She was also a colleague of Ephilem’s, though they were not allies.

Olivia Blackrose

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