The Pantheon- Directory of the Gods

The Mythos of Fendelar is a basic one. The upper and lower planes were first, with the elemental planes taking the gap in the divide. Their respective deities rule over their domains in harmony. Over time, as the planes of the elements spread, they all met in the center of the universe, resulting in the unusual birth of three more deities, and three obscure planes, one being the one we’re all familiar with. The three material gods created imperfect souls, that get shepherded to the outer planes… the Elder gods denied their godliness, and banished them to their respective planes.

Putting full belief into one versus the other has always drawn a line between those of the material plane. However, the awakened hold no power over any other planes.


The Ancient gods are the original ones, each deity belonging to their own domain and plane of existence. They are important to the mythos of the universe, but since the banishment of the three material gods, they have faded into obscurity. Their power is greater than any other being, but the might of their power would not be seen again through direct means.

The Elemental Divines

Ki’tara – The Eternal Flame
Vaia – The Ocean Titan
Tordaz – The High Mountain
Auryn – The Divine Winds

The Twins

Milar – The Sun Lord
Vezuhl – The Moon Lord

The Banished Three

Jhaeros – The King of Fey
Ashera – The Life Goddess
Ezzdra – The Shade Queen


With the absence of the Ancients, heroes of the material plane rose out of the chaos. Through either courage, sheer power, or even luck, they went through a spectacular transformation- ascending to godhood. While being perhaps a fraction of the ancient’s omnipotent power, they have free reign over the planes, and are believed- and have shown to have a greater impact in the current world of Fendelar.


Frenden – The Traveler
Rodric – The Arm of Justice
Gildaroy – The Golden Paladin
Jenelysa – The Riteous Ranger
Varathiel – The Great Magician
Mustaba – The Elemental Adept
Olivia – The Hand of Hell


Sephiran – The Eternal Sage
Zilyana – The Silent Knife
Faunalyn – The Druidmaster
Lolth – The Spider Queen


Brundal – The Summoner
Kundruik – The Earthshatterer
Onim – The Ageless Warrior


Erenfried – The Firedancer
Theodoric – The Heistmaster


Xagok – The Orc Warmaster
Xomkug – The Death Shaman
Vorkax – The Dragonborn Champion
Ephilem – The Puppiteer

Supreme Beings

These listed are not considered true gods by the people of Fendelar, but other beings in the world consider their power and worship them justly. Many Warlocks can face these beings and draw strength and magic from them in a similar way to how Clerics draw power from their gods.

Bahamut – The Platinum Dragon
Tiamat – The Chromatic Dragon Queen
Cthulu – The Monstrousity
Asmodeus – The Demon King
Zephon – The Great Angel
Extra Notables

The Pantheon- Directory of the Gods

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