The Stonemarch

The Stonemarch[Also known as the Khar Darom to the dwarves] is a faction similar to a militia, but it’s somewhat larger scale. It’s dedicated to battling the undead within the deadlands, and finding the cause so they can one day free the world from the constant threat it poses. Founded by one of the most trusted Guardsmen in the Eastern dwarven capital, originating in Farben’s pass, it’s fort being adjacent to the wall, east of the city.

Headed by General Greyblade, the Stonemarch’s hierarchy consists of him, followed by captains appointed by him. The captains are divided by the tasks that they perform, although most have enough experience to overlap. Nowadays, the Stonemarch mostly consists of men and women trained in holding the fort and the wall, and operations inside the fort. The ones that head out in expeditions are more scarce, but they are also carefully chosen for their position.

Known Affiliates include:
General Czar GreyBlade
Captain Tharnin Voordikar
Captain Evrus
Gunther Voordikar

Known outposts
Farben’s Pass
Camp Skullshore, a place east of Farbin’s pass within the Deadlands.

The Stonemarch

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