Farben's Pass

Farben’s pass is one of several outposts of The Stonemarch, and serves as a border control into one of the Deadland areas.

Tharnin Voordikar
Iago Delshen
Farenhiem O’Fallah[Deceased]
Gralphye O’Fallah[Deceased]
Bera O’Fallah[Deceased]

Hometown to Farenhiem, born there in the year 366.
Current assigned outpost for Kriv, Atan, Iago, and Nemesis.
Home to Belthor’s Magic shop

A long time ago, before the undead scourge came about, there were two large dwarven civilizations. There was a dwarf named Khrondun Farben, and he had a large family, and he was fairly wealthy as well. They constructed a small hamlet in a common resting point between the two kingdoms.

Being in a great spot for trade, the population of the pass rose very quickly in the first five years of it’s existence, and it was recognized as a full town at that point.

It also went through a series of name changes, but the royal families of both dwarven nations met in the town, and agreed at having this town as the natural dividing point between the nations (The border was fairly blurry between the mountains)

Eventually, after the undead became a viable issue and the lost dwarven kingdom that once stood in the Deadlands had fallen, the Stonemarch moved in and began using the town as a defense, erecting a wall to help protect those still unaffected.

There was a massive wall breach in the year 381, leading to the deaths of a large number of unsuspecting civilians and wall workers, including two valuable engineers, Gralphye and Bera O’Fallah. The breach was eventually repaired and the dangers that managed to slip past was dealt with, encouraging those who lived there to strengthen defenses so such a thing doesn’t happen again.

Farben's Pass

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