Red Dragons Heart

Plant/Poison name (official): Red Dragon Heart
Plant/Poison name (Unofficial): Red Dragon Heart

Extracted from: A dragon’s corpse

Gathered in locations: Was found at titans landing

How to best contain/carry: Kept in vials right now to make sure they don’t Decay

Poison Properties/Type: Unknown so far.

Used in following: Unknown

Alters effect in: Unknown

Cultivated Best in following conditions: There is no way to cultivate dragon’s organs the only way to get them is to simply harvest them after a dragon is slain or dies of old age

Notes: I suspect this may be rather valuable as hearts are often associated with courage and honour, Perhaps a pendant can be made out of it to reduce the chance i would flinch in the presence of dragons, i will have to make inquires about this as we get back to the city

Red Dragons Heart

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